July 11, 2015

My Love Affair With St Tropez Continues...

I'm in love with the teal door and pots! You don't need to be rich to visit Saint-Tropez. I had the best time just walking around looking at the beautiful shutters and doors while eating sandwiches and cakes in the street. It was fun to return to the parking garage and see cars fancy enough that they had covers. 
 I had the best baguette sandwich and cake at Boulangerie Delpui/Aux Deux FrèresThree women were working in the bakery and they all had the prettiest cleavage. A lady drizzled olive oil over the ham, cheese, and lettuce and it tasted amazing because the bread was extraordinary. And they were so nice too, making sure to cut the sandwich and cake in half so David and I could share. 
The tarte tropezienne, a celestial creme filled cake covered in powdered and pearl sugar named after Brigette Bardot. We had a few of them and the best one came from Boulangerie Delpui.
People even hang their laundry pretty.
Cloud head.
We both had a cough and cold on the trip, I think this is the best picture we got together. 
I love the location of this Dior. #fancy
If you click the photo, you can see the lady looking out the window on the right better. 
The sky was so blue!
Some cool shop with vintage boats and stuff.
Old walls.

Man relaxing on balcony that overlooked all the pretty yachts and boats.
So charming! Until next time.

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