February 25, 2015


For my thirtieth birthday in January, I decorated the apartment with a bunch of frou-frou from Tiger, my favorite Danish shop that's impossible to walk through without buying something you didn't know you needed. David bought me my favorite pizza from a place called BASE and a delicious assortment of cakes, macarons, and chocolates. Turning thirty wasn't scary at all, I feel like I turned twenty again.
The balloons before they turned into hearts looked like little penises. Tippy loved that I put the flower crown on her. 
Balloons on the balcony. 
The best chandelier candle cake topper.

1 comment:

  1. awesome!! happy late birthday! hope you are home from the hospital now. That shop sounds amazing. I didn't feel that weird turning 30 either!! people are crazy who fear it!! I actually thought 29 was weird knowing it was the last year in my 20s.


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