January 10, 2015

Magical Brugge: Part 1

Bruges on a sunny winter day. 
A couple of weeks ago we went to Bruges, Belgium on a last minute cheap Ryanair flight. We first went to Bruges three and a half years ago and loved everything about it. (Past blog posts here!) I don't think I will ever stop visiting Bruges...it's so beautiful and cozy, the street food and chocolate are the best, and the people are always so happy and nice. There was a strike going on in Belgium, so we sadly left a day early because all the flights were cancelled the day we had planned to leave. We stayed in a bed and breakfast with steep stairs and one of the mornings I fell down them and knocked over a long Asian art scroll hanging on the wall. Unfortunately, David didn't get to witness me falling. He only heard it and came running down the stairs. I was worried the sweet woman who ran the B&B would come out and we quickly put the torn (that night I noticed the tear had been taped) scroll back up and ran out into the the sun and cobblestone and went on our merry way strolling and eating sausage and chocolate.
I loved all the live Christmas trees, garland, and wreaths throughout the city.

All of the shop windows were decorated. Look at the detail on the bottom of that door! This is why I love Bruges. 
Sausage of my dreams. Mustard, mayo, and grilled onions!
At night this tree was lit up by a string of white lights.  
Delicious Christmas skulls from The Chocolate Line, my favorite chocolatier in the world. (Here are some photos from last time we went there.) 

The window at the Chocolate Line.
Snowmallows from Moeder Babelutte Rozenhoedkaii, a gorgeous chocolate shop with a chandelier where we had hot chocolate before going on a boat ride. 

The hot chocolate was made with hot milk and a stick of delicious chocolate to stir in, but the take away cup was too small and made the hot chocolate too rich. The homemade marshmallows on top were great though. It warmed us up, even if it gave us tummy aches.
This tree is the most photographed tree in Bruges. 
A tour boat captain taking a smoke break. 
Sitting on the boat. I don't know if it's because I just watched Wayne's World II, but David is making a Chris Farley face here. 
The hotel from In Bruges. 
Pretty ivy view from the boat.           
More boat selfies. <3
And here are too many weird angled photos of the buildings from our cloudy day bumpy boat ride, enjoy... 

Building from 1675.

City of swans.
Swans in front of perfect horror movie location. 

Giant bough of mistletoe. Speaking of mistletoe, I was reading about mistletoe and came across "The Mistletoe Bough" by Thomas Haynes Bayly. It's a ballad from 1830 based on a ghost story about a bride who accidentally locks herself in an old oak trunk while playing hide-and-seek with the wedding party. I found a video of a man singing the ballad and a great video about the ghost story.
Ribbons in trees. 
Window of a cheese shop.
The Belfry. 
The best Flemish ham sandwich I've ever eaten. 
Full body shot. 
In the main square near the Tower was an ice skating rink. 
One of the waffle stands at the Christmas market. 
Waffle dough on the left. 

This delicious waffle. 
A chalet yule log/ bûche de Noël. 
An amazing discovery, tartiflette. It's a dish with potatoes, cheese, bacon, and onion served with a slice of bread. 

Fairy lights. 
So many bikes.
At night we hung out in pubs, but that gets its own blog post.
Santa horse. 
I love this dirty, old alleyway. A canal city built around toffee and chocolate, Bruges is the town I always tried to create on SimCity. 
Sunny canal. Are you sick of us and Bruges yet? The next posts are about cookies and beer. 


  1. This makes me regret not going to Bruges! Looks like you had an amazing time. You guys are the cutest.

    1. You will just have to visit one day! Brugge is waiting for you.

  2. Sooo pretty! Even on what looks like was an overcast day (in the first photos). I hope to visit one day!

    1. Eva, thank you for commenting! It was definitely overcast while we were there, but it was still is so beautiful and charming. Speaking of places to visit, your pictures of Lake Como are amazing! I hope to go there one day.

    2. Thank you so much! It was unbelievably beautiful. Hopefully we'll both be able to say we've been to Brugge and Lake Como, haha!


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