January 15, 2015

Café Vlissinghe: The Oldest Pub in Brugge

An amazing part of the trip was going to a 500-year-old pub. We sat down at a long communal table with six other people already engaged in conversation. I felt awkward wondering if we were obligated to talk with them and pretended to play Cluedo until the other people started including us in their conversation. We spent a couple of hours at the table talking with a wonderful group of people from Wales and Scotland as well as a bearded Belgian sea captain and his beautiful blonde wife. As the night went on the Welshman in his thirties fell deep into drunkenness and the people working at the pub stopped serving him because he was so loud, but he made us laugh and we loved him. And speaking of drunkenness, Bruges was extra special this trip because it felt like the whole town was on holiday and everybody was so happy from all the glühwein and beer on the the streets. It reminded me of the ski resort from Hot Tub Time Machine. Oh and p.s. if you like this post read this post about the bar under the church. We were lucky to go there again this trip.

The entrance.
The Belgian sea captain from Ostend on the right. I loved how passionate he was about life and the sea. He pulled out a picture of his ship from his wallet and it really looked like an old pirate ship. I ordered the same beer (the Brugse Zot from De Halve Maan Brewery in Bruges) he was drinking because I wanted to know what old sea captains liked to drink. It was fitting that the beer he drank was named after fools because jokes poured out of him as fast as his stomach filled with beer. Throughout the trip I tried different beers and liked them, but I always came back to the cherry beer.  
The sea captain's wife made us take a picture. My drunk Welsh friend told me about five times that he liked my hat. He told David that he needed to be a real man and grow a real, full beard.
A beer celebrating the pub. 1515-2015.
Miss Scarlet, always a babe no matter the country.
In Belgium every beer gets its own glass, including delicious Cécémel, an instant hot chocolate. 
Drunk and happy.

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  1. This looks and sounds like such a fun time! How great that you were able to join in the conversation... sounds like quite the (awesome) table to be a part of!


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