December 26, 2014

Hard Candy Christmas

Here are some photos from my phone of the past few days!
Buttery cinnamon sugar cookie dough and a wooden cookie mold we bought in Brugge from Juliette's Koekenbakkerij

Christmas Eve table complete with Christmas crackers. Our crackers were filled with stick on mustaches, crowns, and inspirational quotes. 

Steak, fried potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and green beans for Christmas Eve dinner.
Christmasy guacamole. 
After dinner we went to a Christmas Eve mass at the church in our neighborhood. A lady held a sword and sang an apocalyptic chant from Medieval times. Video here
Pajamas! Tea and fuzzy socks.
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent on the couch watching movies and TV shows...A Christmas Story, So I Married an Axe Murderer, The Wrong Mans, and Doctor Who, Home Alone etc.
Bedtime selfies.

Christmas morning.

Breakfast casserole filled with potatoes, bread, mushrooms, jalapenos. cheese, milk, creme fraiche, and eggs before it went in the oven. 
On Christmas we went for a walk and stopped at a cafe by the palace to have chocolate cake and almond lattes. 
And then we ate tacos for dinner and spent the evening video chatting with family.
Kitty coasters!
The End! I hope you all had a happy Christmas!

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