November 9, 2014


Hey hey! Even if I am a little sporadic, I still really enjoy blogging and I won't let Instagram or Twitter or even Netflix and Hulu stop me from doing it more. I've had two different colds the last couple of weeks, probably from all the little snotty noses I'm around during the week. My mom came to visit for a couple of days (she left this morning) and while she was here I had an allergic reaction in the middle of the night. I think it was from the new fabric softener. My legs were so itchy and inflamed and my feet and hands were huge. I felt like a troll. I soaked in the bath for an hour and half around 5 am. It all went away by the afternoon after my Mom went out and bought me cortisone cream and some antihistamine pills while I was at work. David took care of me too, he acknowledged the size of my hands and went back to sleep. It's always nice to be taken care of when you are sick. I am obsessed with the metal tube the cortisone cream came in and it is the reason for this blog post. 
And Tippy is cute and has been hiding under blankets. More posts soon!


  1. awwww! love that your mom was there right at the right time!! life has a way of throwing things magically together like that! even though that sounds awful, colds and allergic reactions!! man. glad you are doing better! I'm sure tippy was a great help too! Did she come sit around the bath for support? xo


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