September 15, 2014

The Blog Returns

I left Portland and moved back to Spain to teach English again. We chose to live on the Balearic Islands because we wanted to be surrounded by seawater. We arrived in Palma a few weeks ago and found an apartment in the oldest part of town. The streets are made of stone and we hear everything, but I'm a curious (nosy) person and I love looking out the window and from the terrace to listen and people watch. I do not like the noisy trucks in the morning. Four or five different trucks come every morning, a few for recycling, a dump truck, and another truck to clean the bins. I can walk to the beach in ten minutes from my apartment. The city beach is considered less desirable because there are prettier beaches outside of the city, but it's only a ten minute walk and the water is still clear and beautiful and right now it is lukewarm and perfect. 
The lifeguard stand at the undesirable city beach. 
Tiki umbrellas at city beach.
Horse-drawn carriage out my window.
Mounted police from the terrace. 
A street in my neighborhood.
A day trip to the Port of Soller. 
The Mediterranean in Soller.
I feel so far away from everybody, but I am happy here.

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