August 6, 2013

Un dia en Bilbao...

Before we moved back to the US we took a day trip to Bilbao. By bus from Santander it usually takes about an hour and half. We liked going to Bilbao because of the Guggenheim, but also because it's a pretty city and it's Basque so it feels a little different. 
After we got off the bus we saw a pasteleria and bought some French macarons. 
And then we walked around and saw a COS. Have you heard of it? It's H&M's cuter and more expensive brand.
We walked around for about 8 more hours. 
I love the splattered paint.
We sat down and ate cheese and bread on the steps. 
The spider at the Guggenheim!

and ate waffles and crepes at Amorino

with a view of this dog.
And then back at home that night we watched the full moon from the balcony. 

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