August 7, 2013

Medieval witch village, I love you!

Santillana del Mar is a beautiful medieval village surrounded by farmland near Santander. We went there the day before we moved to Portland on a typical rainy day.  If I lived in Santillana del Mar during the eighth century I would have been a witch. There were little bruja (witch) figurines all over the village and herbs and plants hanging everywhere along with so much stone. 

We sipped on the famous Cider (sidra) here, it tasted very fermenty and not very sweet, but it made for a nice woozy walk.
Suitcase on the back of the car. 
I love these witchy plant globes.  I saw them everywhere. 
I turned into a Granny and took a bunch of flower pictures. 
Heart head.
A peacock!
A an ice cream cone museum. A barquillero is basically a waffle cone.  
I love this entryway.
Pile of sticks for a magic spell!
This man just makes little bowls and brujas all day long. 
Oh hey!
Man gardening. 
The End.

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