August 16, 2013

Day Trip to Comillas

On the way to Santillana del Mar we stopped in Comillas, a seaside village known for El Capricho, a house designed by Gaudi. Comillas was easy to fall in love with, like most places I seems. Maybe it was the castle that overlooked the city? Was it the graveyard with the ocean view? It was probably because of the empty town square with the two little boys playing futbol, but it could have been the palace reminscient of the one in The Others. (The Others was filmed in the area!) I love Cantabria, so many good sleepy towns and so much green! 
 El Capricho de Gaudi
The best roast chicken and patatas fritas is here at Mombasa, a Jumanji themed restaraunt. 
This town has some good angel statues, my Granny would love it here.
The boys playing football. 

The graveyard with the best view!
I love neo-gothic.


  1. HOw do you come back to good ole brand new U of A after such a wonderland??

    1. I would have stayed if we had had just a little bit more money. I miss it so much. The teaching English program we did was only through the school year.


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