May 7, 2013

Palma-Sóller, the Electric Train Ride

On our last full day in Palma we took a sunset train ride to Sóller, a small town where we ate the best olives in this world. Aboard the electric train from 1911, we had beautiful views of mountain villages and olive, lemon, and orange groves. Sóller is very small. The main plaza felt like a film set, quaint and pretty with an amazing Baroque church and a few street cats. Note: photo of ticket by Kristina
An old photo of the inside of the train via the Palma to Sóller train website
A great picture taken by Clint on the trip. 
Once it got darker the lights went on and it was wonderful.
My mom and her friend Toni. They arrived in Spain a few hours before the train ride.

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