May 5, 2013

Imaginary Stories No. 1

I thought it would be fun to start posting little stories on the internet regularly so here I go...

Every Tuesday five ladies over fifty would meet at a French bakery café with cameras and notebooks to share their love for ghost hunting. At the bakery they always ordered canelés and coffee. They liked canelés because they're caramelized and custardy and look like miniature bundt cakes. 

At their regular booth in the café they discussed the previous week’s ghost sightings. They studied the light leaks in their photos and discussed what could be ghost proof and what looked more like sun or moon flares. They talked about their plans and hopes for the evening, would the grieving angel statues at the cemetery come to life? Lotta, who always had perfectly painted red nails brought up the incident from the previous week. 

While in the oldest cemetery in town filled with hundreds of rusted headstones made for hide-and-seek, Margot who had purpley-grey hair found a mossy headstone with a skull angel engraved upon it. Margot watched the wings on the skull flap and called out to the others to come over to the headstone to see. Everyone excitedly ran over, but the skull angel had stopped flapping its wings, but right before they could be disappointed they witnessed the skull wink at them! It had been the most marvelous progress and they discussed the possibility of boosting their ghostbusting game to the next level by making plans to perform a seance at the beach during the next full moon.

 The ladies dressed typically plain, in fanny packs and baggy khakis, but they all agreed that for the seance they would commit to more magickal attire; daisy flower crowns and dangly bracelets. They contemplated going nude because they read in a book of seances that nakedness added a little more pizzazz to a seance and made it so the ghosts wouldn't be as scared to come out and communicate. 

…to be continued. 


  1. I can just see these women having a naked seance on the beach! I hope one shows up in her house coat (but naked underneath) because she is a little prudish. Have you read Mrs. Periguine's Home for Peculiar Children? It is a teen read, but it is fun.

    1. I bought that book for my husband because it looked cool. It's packed up in a box and I haven't read it yet. Thanks for commenting on my simple little story. I always feel vulnerable after posting creative writing.

  2. I feel the same way when I post a project or some art. I know I am just a novice, so it can be scary. Never be afraid to share you talents and interests because it really might mean something to someone and it would be a tragedy to miss that opportunity to share.


“You look ridiculous if you dance You look ridiculous if you don't dance So you might as well dance.” ― Gertrude Stein

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