March 12, 2013

Dearest Friends,

I’ve come back to you! Please excuse my absence as I’ve been off frolicking around the town and beach with the great, warm sun! I’ve been running outside, doing yoga and ballet, drinking robot tea, and hanging out in other neighborhoods on the Internet. Things have mostly been pretty great. I can’t believe it’s March and in June I will be back in the US where sodium bicarbonate is called baking soda, but I have no idea where…I’ve been trying to be calm about the future and not too anxious. It’s supposed to be rainy all this week so you will be seeing more of me here. Soon I’m going to post some fun, linky things I’ve seen around the internet, those Harry Potter Studio pictures I promised months ago, and some fiction writing that will make me feel naked. Here are two photos from the day I watched a football/ soccer game (Real Madrid v. Barca) at a bar in the afternoon with a hundred men. 

Coffee in a glass.

I love the cabinet and the golden shell handles. 

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“You look ridiculous if you dance You look ridiculous if you don't dance So you might as well dance.” ― Gertrude Stein

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