February 14, 2013

Serpents and Clogs

I’ve had a full week of vivid dreams. There was the frightening night when Freddy Kruger showed up in my bed and the night I hid under the bed while bombs from WWII landed on my mattress. There was also the dream about the future where I was really impressed with the way everyone dressed…a lot of denim and Victorian dresses. Seriously, if you were in my dream you would have been impressed too. And then there was the dream about the clothing store that smelled like salted caramel...

In the store of my dream there was a great candle that filled the air with the sweet, salty scent of hot milk and buttered brown sugar. There were shelves and tables and walls and all the other things you’d expect from a clothing store. There was also a closet in the back filled with everything on sale and I decided I would go there first. The clothes in the closet were even better than the impressive clothes I dreamt of in the future. There were perfect high-heeled clogs, fur coats, lace bras, confetti dresses, and whatever else you want to imagine. One by one and very quickly these beautiful things began to transform.The sleeve of a fur coat slithered and wrapped around around my wrists and arms. The clothes changed into serpents and wildcats and I’m not sure what else because the closet became black. It sounded like the clogs turned into mice as I fell to the ground. There was a paw around my mouth and I couldn’t scream.

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