February 3, 2013

Rainy Hamburger Night

This might be the most boring post ever, but if you want to see a few photos of a mall and how desperate we get for a McRib, you’ve come to the right place! 
Friday was a warmish, cloudy day, so we thought it was a good idea to take the train to the mall and McDonald’s instead of going on one of the rainy days. We were really excited to visit Primark, the Irish clothing store that’s cheaper than H&M and for the McRib at McDonald’s, since there isn’t one in the city. We knew that McDonald’s was in the same parking lot as the mall, but we didn’t know where. 
When we were done with the mall, we went outside to find McDonald’s and it was pouring rain and windy. We walked around with our umbrellas hoping to see McDonald’s and after 20 minutes we came back inside the mall. Our stomachs were empty and our hearts longed for what could have been as we realized McDonald’s was nowhere in sight, so we decided to go back to the train station connected to the mall to go home and eat pasta.
As we were walking above the street to the train we saw the yellow McDonald’s arches and a stairway that would take us down to a path next to a busy street connected to the freeway. We contemplated not going, but we were so close. We walked along the dark path in the bitter wind and rain and through puddles and when cars splashed me, I laughed. To get to McDonald’s we had to cross a walkway without a stop sign on the dark and busy street. I waved my umbrella until a car finally noticed us and we ran and then there was another street like the one before and cars were coming and we ran again. Our socks were wet and we were cold, but we made it to McDonald’s! David ate his McRib and I ate my two hamburgers and they were delicious. 

When we got on the train to go home, I noticed a little spider hanging from its web on David’s chin and I screamed and slapped it off! Ten minutes later, we arrived back in the city and still had to walk 30 minutes in the bitter wind and it was freezing, but we made it to a warm and cozy home and watched the 30 Rock finale. It was a strange night and I don’t think we were smiling all the time like in that drawing, but that McRib was worth it and I think spiders are good luck. 


  1. sounds like a fun story to me! I wish we had a Zara Home in the states...

    1. Did you know we can order Zara Home online now in the US? The website launched in October.


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