January 7, 2013

Trip to Geneva

I wanted to draw something cute for this post so I started off with a Swiss flag to accompany the amazing mocha topped with chantilly cream we ate in Montreux and got carried away. 
According to the chart, you will see that we went to Geneva for Christmas. We ate bacon and the best buttery croissant with chocolate I've ever had. Not displayed on the chart is how we stayed with David's amazing cousin Kristina, the best host in the world. She strung Christmas lights around the house and had a pile of chocolate bars, marshmallow bears, and stroopwafels she had picked up from Holland and a fridge filled with cheese waiting for us when we arrived. We slept on a cozy bed in the nook of the wall and from the balcony we could see Lake Geneva. Kristina embodies the Dutch word gezellig. Do you know this word/feeling
We visited Chillion Castle in Montreux. The castle reminded me of Merlin, which aired its last episode Christmas Eve.  Montreux is beautiful.

In real life the mountains look bigger and the water is aqua.
Here we are with Freddie Mercury having a gezellig time. 
In Geneva we walked along the lake and ate a block of Gruyere and a loaf of bread while watching people and swans.  p.s. Swiss mayonnaise (it's that yellow thing I drew) is so good, we brought a tube back to Spain. We are really happy security didn't take it away. 
AND then we caught a train to Paris...


  1. Yay- you updated! I love your doodles...especially the Swiss mayonnaise.

    1. Thanks for your support! I've missed blogging, so I'm going to do it more.

    2. Good! Reading your blog brightens my day-especially when you post about your cat, because it is twins with mine.


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