January 16, 2013

Happy Wednesday

David's beautiful cousin in Fresno sent me happy mail, an envelope filled with confetti, a doily heart garland, happy lists, post it notes, and band-aids! It made me feel very happy and loved on this stormy day. It's been raining for 5 days straight! 

There's this little girl in one of my classes that rarely pays attention. Today I noticed her opening and closing scissors on her chin, which is pretty normal behavior for her. The Spanish teacher I work with told me that she suffers from a psychological disorder called Peter Pan because she doesn't want to grow up. After class was over the strange and adorable girl handed me a drawing of my name. While she wasn't paying attention in class she was making me a present in highlighter. The highlighter doesn't show up well in the photograph, I hope that's acceptable. Little girl, you are in 5th grade and I'm okay with this. 

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