January 29, 2013

Beach Paddle Ball

Whenever we go to the beach we see fit and suntanned old men playing paddle ball with wooden rackets and tennis balls. There was also this time I saw a beautiful old woman with white hair in a black bikini playing paddle ball and swimming in the ocean in November. All these old people inspired us to try paddle ball and we played our first time this afternoon at Playa del Camello, a beach with a rock that looks like a camel. The wooden rackets are really heavy and my arms are already sore, they feel numb as I type this. We're not very good, but by the end of playing we could hit the ball back and forth 8 times. See a video of people playing at the same beach here
A paddle carved into the rock at the beach. 
No more photos of my front side because after this picture I did a bunch of cartwheels and handstands and every single picture David took showed up with little surprises peeking out from my top that didn't make the blog. 

1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness! this looks like heaven. that beach and paddle ball.. Ive never played but looks so fun. you two are perfectly adorable xo


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