January 12, 2013

2 Days in InstaParis

Here are some of my favorite Instagram photos from Paris during 
Christmas break. These are from walking around Le Marais, visiting 
Merci where I fell in love with linen and gelly roll pins (again), and 
the toy store Bonton. Fun fact: One summer in 1999, when CosmoGirl 
was still around I mailed out 10 postcards written in metallic gelly roll ink 
for all the contests in the magazine, I didn't win any of them.  

Other stores I visited and liked: Bensimon [I bought some red shoes],
 Repetto [I loved seeing the toe shoes and tutus], Compagnie de Provence  
[I bought a block of soap], and Shakespeare & Company [If I lived in Paris 
I'd bring my writing to the Saturday workshops. Also, I bought a tote]

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