February 1, 2012

What I Think About Latte Art

I sort of dreamt this the other night (even the last sentence),

Their knees touched underneath the table at the café months before their lips would ever meet. She felt his boney kneecap tap against her fleshy leg. Neither of them pulled away, with bone and skin together their chemistry turned all the plain foam in everybody’s drinks into latte art. They never had to discuss anything, they knew they were in love.  He knew in the way that she looked at him and she knew in the way that he followed her around town. 

“Why do you even try to drink cappuccinos and that pipe…what is the point of that pipe?” she asked. “You spill and make a smoky mess out of everything.”
 “I like the way I look with my pipe and I like to sit with you and admire your olive skin and freckles,” he said. 
They’d spent every minute together. They would take a blanket down to the river and she would read books to him and he would play his guitar for her. They would dance and laugh, but she wished for more. He was only bones, but they were bones she wanted to jump. She had fallen in love with a skeleton. 
It wasn’t until a witch friend would bring him back to life and turn him into a vampire like her that he would no longer be only bones, he would have eyeballs to look upon and lips to kiss.


  1. "He was only bones, but they were bones she wanted to jump. She had fallen in love with a skeleton. " This killed me. I've been slain by your words! About bones and boners! Skeletons and witches and latte art? OF COURSE I love this! (And you!)

  2. hahaha....it kills me too! Also, you know you are the witch friend right? You are always in my dreams. Also, it's fun to read this with a southern accent.

  3. I have never, in my entire life, been so honored to be anybody's witch friend. Or the witch friend in their dreams. i will always be your real-life witch friend. and i would love to talk southern with you. i can talk southern reaaaaaal well. (i lived in the south, duh). let's go for coffee, but the entire time we just have to talk with southern accents. we have to carry on a conversation talkin' southern... and we have to make up backstories for our characters. what our names are, where we are from in the south, etc. then, for an entire coffee date, we just play these parts. as southern ladies. are you in? let's do it!

  4. Ha, I agree that the above line was the best. You really need to write and illustrate books. I'm serious. Next post you should include one of your drawrings. And yes let's do the yoga class.

  5. Oh Rachel!!! I've missed you too! I went offline for a very long, long time, but I live in Utah now if you want to meet for real life fun! Email me (carriemoncur@gmail.com) and life will be grand again.


“You look ridiculous if you dance You look ridiculous if you don't dance So you might as well dance.” ― Gertrude Stein

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