January 5, 2012

Te Amo.

Some people really know how to make you breathe. When you are around such people you feel alive, inspired, and fearless. And then one day these wonderful people disappear and you can’t breathe at all. Everything hurts so much, your heart, your throat, your dreams, but with time you understand that the memories and moments will always be in your mind and you breathe a little bit better.  Today is my Granny’s birthday and I miss her so much. I miss coming home after a long weekend in East Texas visiting. I always felt refreshed after seeing her, even if all of my clothes and suitcase would smell of tobacco smoke for days when I came home. I miss that smell.                                              

Tonight, for her birthday I ate brownie bites and drank coffee. Granny drank coffee every day of her life. She’s probably pouring a cup right now or maybe she's started hanging out in coffee shops.  I have great memories sitting on the patio in her backyard talking and laughing over coffee as warm winds picked up the fragrance of her cigarettes and garden roses. When I was in high school we ate a whole tub of brownie bites together and made ourselves so sick that brownie bites became our thing.  She would be so embarrassed that I posted this, but I set her little pink urn next to our coffee and brownie bites so she really was with me. Creepy? I don't think so. We had a really good time tonight. Happy Birthday, Granny. I love you.


  1. I love this. I also love you, your granny, and coffee. Happy birthday to her. <3

  2. This is lovely. I'm sorry I never got to meet her. But I'm glad to have met you. Hangout with Other Granny sometime soon?

  3. This is sweet. Happy birthday, dear granny of Rachel!

  4. Granny told me to tell you all thank you for her birthday wishes.


“You look ridiculous if you dance You look ridiculous if you don't dance So you might as well dance.” ― Gertrude Stein

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