December 27, 2011

Probably The Funniest/Most Flattering Thing That Happened In 2011

When David got to be Melanie Laurent's (maybe my favorite French babe) ex-boyfriend in the movie Beginners. Over a year ago I got an email from director Mike Mills' assistant saying that Mike Mills had found the photograph of David and Tippy on Men and Cats and wanted to use it. I giddily signed a release form and wondered for a long time if the photograph would make it in the movie.  I finally got to see it in November and about an hour and 6 minutes into the film there's a scene where Melanie Laurent talks about her exes and David and Tippy fill the entire screen. Our names are in the credits as Rachel Easton and David Easton at the very end. They spelled Eastin wrong, but I don't care.  You should watch Beginners for David and Tippy and because it's a beautiful movie that had me crying, but happily.


  1. That is FANTASTIC!! Wow- so cool! I will definitely be checking it out!!

  2. I suspected that you would love this! Sometimes I think I should label posts, look Stephanie, look!

  3. rachel, on monday night scott and i were looking for a movie to watch, and i saw this movie, and i was like "can we please watch this? and independent dramady with (my love) ewan mcgregor, christopher plummer, and melanie laurent? please?" we watched "super 8" instead, because scott wanted to. but MAAAAN! can you IMAGINE if, not knowing dave was in it, we had put it on?? OUR MINDS WOULD HAVE BEEN BLOWN! i think i will still let scott's mind be blown. i won't tell him about this, and i will ask him to download it tonight.

    sigh. your life is so great and romantic that mike mills is all having you sign releases and stuff.

  4. alex watched this on the plane and loved it. he suggested i watch it privately because i "would definitely start crying".

    this is so awesome! i wonder if i would have recognized david if i didn't read this first.

  5. I watched this a couple weeks ago with Georgiana and when the photo flashed up, she was like "Was that Dave Eastin?!" and I just laughed, thinking it was a look-alike. I can't believe it was really him!

  6. @hannah! That's hilarious! I love it!


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