October 24, 2011

Meatball Sandwich

A few days ago I realized I had never had a meatball sandwich. I decided that I really needed to live in the moment and eat a meatball sandwich.  I really wanted one that tasted like leftover spaghetti on french bread, so I went to Tony Caputo's, an Italian Deli and found one...along with really cool looking colas. The sandwich tasted delicious! 
I fell in love with these glass bottled drinks by Fentiman's.  I was surprised that the colas were actually quite good. Dandelion & Burdock was sort of like root beer, but more anisey. They also had one called Curiosity Cola.
The deli was selling this french pastry from Les Madeleines, a local patisserie. It's called a Kouing-aman and we had heard that it tasted amazing. It really tasted so amazing. 

It reminded me of this caramelized pastry filled with cream that we ate in San Sebastian. I can't decide which is better. 

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