October 11, 2011

Hunter's Moon

Don't forget to look at the moon tonight! It's the smallest full moon of the year and will appear to look full for the next three nights.
A full moon in Stockholm, Sweden, 1900
Photo Source: The Swedish National Heritage Board


  1. Haha, where do you get these interesting tidbits? Now I will definitely look at the moon tonight.

    And as far as your comment about Boston, you should come visit while we live there!! We are going to be living right in the heart of the city, and we don't know ANYONE, so we are excited for guests!

  2. Full moon lift rides are tonight and tomorrow at sundance.... bring a pipping hot drink and join us xo

  3. i did look at the moon tonight! it was so pretty.

    i like your sleep journal. i should keep one of those. i have the worst sleep hygiene. (you know that's the correct way to say that i have bad sleeping habits, but makes me sound like i'm a dirty sleeper or something)

    ok, i'm off to find your posts about morocco now instead of going to bed.


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