June 13, 2011

Every Flavour Chocolates

I have a feeling you are going to see a lot of blog posts from me. We just got back from a trip to Brugge and it was amazing! We went to the chocolaterie, The Chocolate Line and it really had the best chocolate I've ever had. It was better than frozen Reeses and Junior Mints and popcorn. They had really interesting flavors that were surprisingly amazing,like fried onion. When I bit into the chocolate it didn't taste just like flavoring, it tasted like I really was eating chocolate with little bits of fried onion, but it somehow tasted extraordinary.  

 My favorite chocolates were probably fried onion, Earl Grey,Caramel Apple,Bacon, and Monkey's Favorite, which was a peanut salted praline, but it tasted like I had just taken off the shell of the peanut, dipped it in chocolate, and went to the circus all in one bite. All of the chocolates were so good, even Sake, Cola, and Curry. There was even a Havana Cigar chocolate. It really tasted like I took a bite of chocolate and then inhaled pipe smoke. Oh and I was so surprised how refreshing lavender chocolate was.  I've always thought lavender flavored things, like ice cream were for the houtie-toutie (sp?) and that lavender in food just sounds cool, but it's actually really really delicious.  

We bought a box of these chocolates and ate them throughout the day. It was cold and rainy so they didn't melt. Rainy pictures will be for another post, because I was really proud of my yellow slicker.


  1. those are beautiful! lucy would go nuts for those chocolate kitties.

  2. I am so happy that you went to Bruge! I love that city!!! and not many people know about it. I remember when I went there I went to an amazing chocolate place. it may have been the same one you are writing about. I don't remember the name but I do remember how amazing the chocolate was.


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