February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I have the day off, so I'll be reading the 3rd book of The Hunger Games.  How about some Katniss and Peeta (he enjoys baking...sigh...) fanart?



  1. I am so glad that you are reading the last book!! I found it to be quite sad.
    But Katniss + Peeta makes me smile.

  2. no no no no no no! Peeta dies! huh?

  3. I agree with Royal just because I was underwhelmed by the ending... you might like it though so read on sister!

    Fan art kills me. Ahhh love it.

  4. Oh that fan are it is quite interesting. At first I did not like the ending, but when I look back on it, I like it.

  5. These comments are making me nervous.

  6. They're making me nervous to L.B. I've decided that I'm okay if both Peeta and Gale die. I also think I prefer Gale with Katniss, but Peeta with me.


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