January 20, 2011

Little Brothers in Big Madrid

My Mom and little brothers came to town a for a few days after Christmas.
Tommy loved high-fiving Tippy, of course!
Tommy didn't like the big city life of walking everywhere.
But, Tommy enjoyed seeing this giant fish at the Mercado de San Miguel and
eating his Bocadillo de calamares, a baguette filled with chewy-room-temperature-fried calamari (My mom and me not so much)

And then Stevie woke up (he was sick most of the time) and joined in on the fun.  Swim caps required!
We went to "Dunkin' Coffee" for donuts and hot chocolate
and had a drawing contest. Tommy won!
I explained to Tommy the importance of having his own style and that he didn't have to draw things exactly as they appear to make myself feel better about my drawing.
After donuts, we went to the Reina Sofia Museum (this is Stevie).

My Mom's favorite. Girl Standing at the Window, Salvador Dali
They were all pretty bored, but enjoyed these pictures of framed books.
Everyone's favorite art.


  1. I'm pretty sure that giant fish would have been the highlight of my trip. That's hilariously awesome.

  2. Oh thank you! Yes! The calamari sandwich! Terrible! p.s my Mom works for Delta, that's why they got to come!

  3. I want to give tippy a high five. Theres nothing I like better than little kitty paws. I love that your brothers came to visit. Such lucky boys. When I come lets make sure to skip the sandwich - so yuck. xo

  4. I absolutely love that Dali painting. when I first saw it, I couldn't believe it was a Dali! it's so different from his later style. anyway, that's so great that your family came to visit. i miss madrid every day. i love that city.


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