January 13, 2011

Broken Ribs

I've been having terrible pain in my back for over a week. I think it's from the springs in the mattress that I feel poking me at night (we sleep on a full-sized pull out mattress in the couch every night).  Lately, I really like doing the NYC Ballet Workout on youtube. The YouTube site Yogatic has been nice too.

Do you know of any good videos on the internet to do exercises or have any ideas to make the pain go away? It's on the right middle side of my back. It feels like a broken rib. I'm used to my back cracking and being weird (retired gymnast), but this really hurts. muchas gracias.

[photo via ninatakespictures]

1 comment:

  1. No front side, just back. I feel like my back should just crack in that spot and it would go away but it won't. It feels like a bruise. Thank you for the comments sweet peas.


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