December 31, 2010

Anne Frank House

Go here to read more about the Anne Frank House.
The Anne Frank House was heartbreaking, but very inspirational. If you go, take your time and read every single quote and watch all of the video clips. 
The Homomonument. One point of the triangle points towards the National War Memorial. One points towards the house of Anne Frank, and the third points towards COC Nederland, a Dutch gay rights group.


  1. Oh I love Anne Frank. I just said, "Oh" out loud when I saw the title of this post and pictures. What a wonderful adventure you are having.

  2. I am suddenly wondering if I have only read part of it too now since I read it in Jr High. There is a couple movie versions but I recently watched what I think is the most current one and loved it. YES I love Number the Stars. How did we not become BFF sooner?

  3. Was the newest version you watched the bbc mini series?


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