October 7, 2010

sleepy hollow

Our hallway
I'm probably late on this,but I just discovered that you can rent movies on iTunes (some for $2.99). This is good news, since we have no Netflix or Redbox here. I love all Halloween/scary movies, but these are my top five movies I watch every Halloween.
1 Sleepy Hollow (I probably watch this at least twice.)
2 Hocus Pocus
3 The Shining
4 The Witches
5 Tie: Some old horror movie I've never seen before/The Others

Honorable Mentions: Ghostbusters,Teen Witch,Interview with the Vampire,Killer Klowns from Outer Space,Corpse Bride,Clue, What Lies Beneath,The Birds, Friday the 13th, Teen Wolf,Carrie,anything zombie related (especially if it has to do with Nazi-Zombies),ThanksKilling,etc. (I'm sure I'm leaving some out)

Movies that scare me so much,I can't watch them: Poltergeist,The Leprechaun, Watcher in the Woods, Pet Sematary, Nightmare on Elm Street,The Orphanage,IT, any of those cave movies, and devil possession movies.


  1. The Witches! She's so scary! The other day I saw a painting at Lakeside Pizza in Bear Lake that looked like the one the little girl was trapped in.

  2. I can't watch scary movies because of my over active night time imagination, BUT I DO LOVE Halloween movies and Hocus Pocus has always been the top of the list for me. I clearly remember playing witches (from the movie of course) with my friend in her little sisters playhouse when we were far too old to do so. I think you would have been one of those kinds of friends. I think we still could play witches sometime. I'm just sayin. And yes, Sleepy Hollow is great great great.

  3. @thanks whitney. I like you.
    @stephanie mermaid I totally would have been one of those friends. I am one of those friends. If I lived near you I would come over and we(kids too) would all dress up.


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