October 21, 2010

last weekend

We took a 5 euro flight to Tangier. I will post more pictures soon, but for now I will show you two pictures of the many Moroccan things I like;the plaid rug from the bed and breakfast riad we stayed at and the purse I bought.


  1. for the love. I can't decide which is more awesome, that AMAZING purse or the fact that you went to Tangier for 5 euros!!

  2. I still think it is amazing that you won the contest!

  3. omg, i love the purse!!! and im so you jealous you went to Tangier for 5 euros! was it with ryan air? oh, and today i watched 127 hours and thought of you. such a great movie. btw, i'm trying to go to madrid for christmas... i haven't decided yet. but im guessing that you'll probably be somewhere more exciting around that time...

  4. omg, i was planning on getting there on the 26th and staying for a week and half or so! so i could totally see you! that is, if i can make it. i'm still trying to figure out work stuff as I just started a job. and yes, you need to be friends with my brother! his name is Dario and email is dariolamoral@gmail.com. email him! he could introduce you to some cool people. he lives in Lavapies, very close to the atocha train station.

  5. 5 euro flight? what?!

    your pictures are making me so excited for our trip!


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