October 23, 2010

good idea

Are these in the United States?  And also, how do you feel about these? I see them all over the school I work at.


  1. i haven't seen them, but that is such a brilliant idea! <3 kit-kats.

  2. you should look for them in England when you go...

  3. we have no such kit kat. but we do have silly bandz galore. Yesterday one of my students had them up to her elbow and an entire ziplock bag full of them too.

  4. It's a Kit Kat yogurt? Are there little Kit Kats you mix into it?! Europe has the best yogurts, hands down.
    And funny thing... a lot of my co-workers wear silly bands... Like, 20-30 year old people. I think they're kind of funny.


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