September 22, 2010

free ride to Bilbao for the weekend...

In Bilbao, they speak Spanish and the Basque language (Euskara). It looks like Russian Spanish to me. In Basque, Bilbao is pronounced like Bilbo (Baggins). 
Some people say the Guggenheim (I will post pictures) is the only good thing about Bilbao, but it's not true. Bilbo has a beautiful river and San Franciscan weather, which I prefer and.....
stone and art deco buildings....and I heard the most beautiful Spanish guitar just around the corner from this building. It was the first time I felt like I was in Vicky Christina Barcelona since moving to Spain.  Madrid needs more Spanish guitar and less electric in the metro stations (unless it's Johnny B. Goode).

Bilbao is also the drinking/shoe cleaning fountain capital of the world. On every corner I saw some kind of neat fountain and usually with a lion.  I was so happy to see this shoe cleaning fountain. It was right after I realized I had yesterday's throw up on my shoelace. I was so carsick on the way to Bilbao that I threw up all over the street upon arrival. I haven't thrown up in two years p.s.
My favorite building, just around the corner from this building are amazing stairs where teenagers make Sangria from boxed wine and bottled juice. 
it was starting to get dark, but those are the neat stairs.
a pro-ETA march
You won't see any Spanish flags.
Euskaltzaindia, protector of the Basque language.


  1. They should have those fountains everywhere! I was so sick when I went to France that I threw up all over Paris - not quite the chic experience I expected. A fountain would have been handy.

  2. P.S. excited to see photos from the guggenheim!

  3. I love all of your pictures. You guys must be having so much fun!


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