September 4, 2010

David's Campus and the Two Bikes You'll Never See Again

We've only had our bikes for two days and they're already broken. We tried getting a refund at 3 pm today, but the people at the store told us the boss was on a siesta until 6 pm and they couldn't help us until then. Of all the 8 floors in the entire store, there was not one person who could assist us in a refund and no one apologized. I guess Saturday afternoon is just a bad day to get a refund? Here are some pictures of David's campus. *UPDATE: It looks like you will be seeing these bikes again. Apparently the '15 days to return' at the bottom of the receipt meant nothing. They wouldn't let us get a refund, because the bikes had been used. They fixed our bikes, but why would we want to keep two brand new bikes that both broke within 2 days? And the worst part, no one was apologetic. Now we will find a new place to buy fresh cold milk (any advice Madrid internet friends?), because we are boycotting Corte Inglés


  1. Did they really tell you the boss was on a siesta??? That store really is stooping so low--

  2. yes they did. I'm not making anything up! thanks for the comment!

  3. At least they are all tan and cool looking. Like Annie Hall would ride that bike. Hey, also about the Target questions- yes I think so. Hawaii is so Hawaii like that. :)

  4. Oh and while I'm at it, Diana and I talked about you the other night and wondered what on earth you were doing in Madrid. Actually I believe the phrasing went something like this:

    me- why do they get to live there? what am i doing wrong in my life?
    diana- seriously.

    So it's for school then huh. What is he studying?

  5. Better to find out about ECI sooner rather than later. They rip you off with great abandon (their prices are about 30% higher than anywhere else), the staff don't care about you (in fact you're lucky if they actually deign to take your money), but Spaniards seem to think it's a cool place to shop - if you're walking round with an El Corte Ingles carrier bag, people think you're rich. Well, maybe you were, til you bought the things that broke...


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