August 10, 2010

upcoming birthday

When I was shopping for a Birthday backpack, I found (and bought) these earrings...D for David/D for Dad (post-edit: as I can wear them and they can stand for Dad too, as in my Dad, not David is going to be a Daddy)...
A new backpack for a new school year.


  1. i doubt you will care but those earrings reminded me of a jr. high story that i will share with you and perhaps it will make you less sad for a moment.

    i had a friend who was obsessed with david duchovny(sp?) during his early x-file days and so she'd write DD on her binder with a heart around it. one day our pervy gym teacher with too short sweats asked her what it was about and after she explained, he felt it was necessary to say, in a really gross voice, "my initials are D.D." we almost puked and ran away.

    the end.

  2. I do care about your jr. high story! That's so funny and terrible. I am going to tell David your story. I like that your friend liked DD...In junior high I was in love with Leo.

  3. i was also in love with the romeo and juliet leo at age 13 + (so embarassing) nick carter from the backstreet boys

  4. OK, wait, am I missing something? Is D-avid going to be a D-ad???

  5. I didn't even think about the whole D means Dad as in David is going to be a Daddy. Ha! No, David is not going to be a Daddy for awhile.


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