August 29, 2010


We left Madrid by train and 30 minutes later, we arrived in a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its' Muslim,Christian, and Jewish architecture.  My take on the architecture, Harry Potter meets Letters to Juliet starring Marty Mcfly and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? That probably makes no sense to you. Toledo was unbelievelably old,wonderful, and way too hot.
p.s.  In other Back to the Future related news, click here.


  1. I am jealous!!! looks so amazing. Glad you guys are having such a have time. When does school start?

  2. Wow! Those streets suck. How am I supposed to drive my SUV there? How far away is Wal-mart? I hope those Muslim areas aren't too close to the Christian areas. That's like building a mosque on ground zero. The word verification for this is "lashea" WTF?

  3. oh don't worry! the suburbs surround these old parts....the train ride to toledo was filled with desert and plenty of space for an SUV. And even the old parts of town have a Starbucks.


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