August 22, 2010

pig regivm

What does this mean?

What do you do if you don't have a hair tie for a braid? Wrap a strand of hair around the end of braid and bobby pin it. p.s. I honestly took this picture, because I admired the color of my hair during sunset, so I wanted to see if it looked the same way in the camera. We were waiting for our bill and David took it. While this was going on, an old man came up to my table and asked, "what are you doing crazy chica?" When I had trouble replying in spanish he asked if I was from Northern Spain or Portugal. When I told him americana, he replied,"una amiga de Obama!" and then mumbled some more. He was very nice and cute compared to the spanish man who passed by us earlier in the day and snorted into my ear like a pig and mumbled, "american" under his breath for no reason.

1 comment:

  1. EDIFICIO REGIUM is Latin for 'building of the king' or 'royal building'.


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