August 11, 2010

Nuevo header

My new header is not as fancy as the last bear header, because I made it, but I hope it looks okay. It was made with pajama fabric.  Also, in Madrid the bear is sort of the symbol of the city, which is perfect, because I love bears and I move there on Sunday morning for a few years. 
p.s. We are bringing our cat with us. She will fly under the seat. We are finalizing her cat passport today, which consists of a trip to the local vet and a trip to the state vet and a few forms, signatures and $85. Since I fly standby, she gets to fly under the seat for free.


  1. Are you serious? If so, I have so many questions! How will you keep the cat under the seat for the entire flight? Where will the litter box go? What about people who are allergic to cats? I just missed the joke, right?

  2. No joke. She will fly under the seat in a pet carrier. Have you seen people fly with dogs? She is just the same, except she will meow and not bark, but Tippy is a calm cat, so I think she will be fine. A flight attendant told me the other day, she had a monkey on board. Delta limits 2 pets to first class and 4 to coach. I guess if it there were more, people would sneeze? The Airlines do not allow sedation of pets, so the vet told us we are allowed to give a small dosage of Benadryl. Also, we bought a natural pet calming remedy. I will do a post on how it all went down.

  3. oh and about the kitty litter. No kitty litter.....we are putting puppy pad at the bottom of her carrier. Tippy gets to fly free, but for a normal passenger, I think it's $100.

  4. on the header: me gusta!
    on Tippy: awesome! what a lucky kitty!
    on your move to Madrid: I miss you already but I want to visit next spring/summer


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