August 28, 2010

El Jardín Secreto

A few days ago, I went to the most enchanting coffee shop, El Jardín Secreto (Calle San Bernardino 22) a few streets down from where I live.  How could I not love this place when they have twinkle lights,rock lamps, and a Mayan chocolate drink described as, "como en la pelicula Chocolat"? We ordered a few chocolate drinks, one that came with teddy grahams and a brownie and ice cream called,'Orgasmo de chocolate'. They were delicious and reasonably priced (we spent 10 euros total). I will definitely go back. 


  1. Iive the dream for me. My husband said today, you'd rather live in Hawaii wouldn't you? I couldn't lie, the answer is always yes.

  2. AWESOME! Except for the Hawaii part. Boring. My word verification is "outera". What is the point of the handicap sign next to it? Like being in a wheel chair has anything to do with my ability to type.

  3. We were here just the other day - super cute place! :-)


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