August 17, 2010

Dear Luggage,

I know Paris is wonderful, but please come to Madrid. Searching for apartments (pisos) would be so much easier knowing you were here. For example: We have no underwear or deodorant and the deodorant is really weird here. We can only find mini liquid roll-on deodorant with no anti-perspirant. Oh and another thing about you not being here is that I had to buy tampons. Who wants to worry about that while looking for a place to live? But, don't worry they did have Tampax Pearl. The funniest part about you not being here is when David really needed some underwear.  He bought some on sale from Zara and he was so happy he got such a great deal (2 euros). When we got back to the hotel, he put them on and we (Tippy and me) found out they were sheer black with diamonds.  Suitcases, I really hope to see you when we go back to the airport in the morning. 
p.s. one apartment we looked at today had a shower with a sink in it.


  1. I love how candid this post is.
    And I hate when luggage does that.

    Hope you get your bags back soon...

  2. I'm so sorry (about your luggage, definitely not David's underwear). Can you buy a pair of those for Max? I'll pay shipping.

  3. sheer black with diamonds?! how can people be sexy without anti-perspirant?!

  4. Sofia!!! It is so hard to be sexy without ant-perspirant. I always thought I could wear natural patchouli type deodorant and I used to, until I moved to a big city and walk around everywhere. I really think I am going to order real deodorant off Amazon. And probably Men's Old Spice, the Fiji or Matterhorn one. Have you smelled those?


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