August 1, 2010

Betty Jean

I've just been hanging out with my Granny at a hospice in Texas. While in bed, we were talking about heaven. I don't think I've ever used the phrase, "feeling the spirit", but if there was ever a time I really felt it, it was today while we discussed heaven. I felt so much love and peace in the room. I/We knew, without a doubt(another phrase I don't use)that if heaven has a ghetto part that she would not be going there. She will go to the very best part and "we all get keys to come up to her mansion (post-edit:log cabin)". She's Betty Jean and she's not a Mormon.


  1. Your Granny is such a wonderful example of being a strong, loving, faithful woman that we can all look up to and have wonderful memories of. You are a good granddaughter and I know you will cherish this time you got to spend with her. I look forward to visiting her mansion some day.

  2. Ra! I'm glad you're getting time to spend with your granny. Listen, enjoy and try to understand every moment with her. It's a cool part of their life to experience with them. Love you and hope to see you soon!

  3. I also love Granny.

    Maybe my next trip will be to east Texas to say hello.


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