July 30, 2010

Mr. Flores

The best part of class, going to the life science museum to take photos and dream of drawing bears in 3D. 
Once upon a time I took a drawing class and I was pretty horrible. Besides being terrible at drawing, I always came to class late with messy bicycle hair. My teacher used to have thirty minute talks with me after class and this was in college. He didn't like the way I held the pencil or understand why my drawings were always flat. I think he thought I had problems at home or ADHD. He would say really weird things. I wish I could say I learned a lot from him, but he only made me feel sad for drawing. Now, 3 years later I'm selling my car on the internet and only two people have called so far, one of them being Mr. Flores! My phone fell in the toilet at work yesterday, so I missed his call.  By the time I bought a new phone, he was gone so I left him a message on the work number he gave me and an email. Today, he called at 8:30 am, which I think is too early to call someone, but I was at work so I could not answer it. During his impatient message, he asked if I would give him a number that would actually be useful. He is still very annoying. I hope he buys the car. The End.

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