July 23, 2010

Moleskin City Notebooks/Luxe

Does the notebook just bring more excitement during trip planning or is it really worth it? I like to take notes and I like maps. I'm also a fan of Moleskin, so I think it's worth it.

Having said that, what do you think about those fancy LUXE City Guides?
I'm guessing Mina of Sending Postcards has the answers, because she is traveling around the world and smart.


  1. I LOVE Moleskines. I always have a pocket-sized one with me. ALWAYS. I used to just carry random notebooks, but they would get all torn up and I'd fly through them too quickly. And the Moleskine city notebooks? My favorite. If I go somewhere that has one, I always buy one. The little maps save my life. You should get one for Spain.

    Also, that Sending Postcards - CRAZY! How fun/adventurous/crazy-insane would it be to travel the world?

  2. oh no! did i sound like a know-it-all in my last comment? i've never heard of the luxe city guides - but i love all things moleskine.

  3. oh no not at all Mina! It did look weird the way I worded it, but I didn't mean it that way. I shouldn't assume, because you are traveling around the world you know all the travel guides. p.s. speaking of trip planning, I love all of your pre-trip posts about packing and things to bring.

  4. I love moleskins too! I have a normal one but have always coveted one of those city guides too but for some reason felt a bit guilty about buying one?! I did however buy a good friend a film journal which he absoluetly loves. Maybe you can hint for someone to get you one before you go ;-) On the other hand, you could treat yourself - you deserve it!


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