May 4, 2010

What if...

Sideways John Locke connects with Smokey and uses his pilot's license to save everyone? I'm a little emotional, formspring me if you want to talk about the episode.


  1. alex doesn't understand why i get so weepy after lost. i am still upset.

  2. 3,possibly four characters dying. The Final Season,leaving Claire behind again, the music, a charley-esque death... what's not to understand?

  3. Spoiler alert: the smog monster is Glenn Beck and the polar bear is universal health care.

    Pass it on.

  4. rachel,

    please know we would never EVER kill a cat. we would never even SHOOT at cat with an air gun. even if they pooped on my head. i would not encourage others to kill cats. i honestly believed the whole thing to be so over the top and ridiculous that people would know i'm obviously joking. i used to be vegan. i'm not about to start killing any animals.

    i'm sorry if i had you concerned.

  5. no posts for a while... que's happening?

  6. I am not sure what's going on, but last night's episode was not nearly as crazy as I was expecting the second to last episode to be. All I know is this Sunday's finale better be a real humdinger!!


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