March 18, 2010


I've been eating Radish Goddess Fold-Overs. I had never bought radishes until I saw them in the store last week. They looked so cute and I actually like how they taste.  I've always heard of people eating radish-butter sandwiches, but that's gross. (I swear there was someone on Doug who used to eat them? Did I make this up?)
Radish Goddess Fold-Over:
3.One piece of Bread
Directions: Slice, Pour, Fold
photo: hennie haworth


  1. Sounds good. I would have never of thought to put them in a sandwich. I wonder if that would work just as well in a wrap?

  2. Radishes are very cute vegetables, and they are high in b vitamins. I always call my Bou a radish face...

  3. I've eaten radish/butter sandwiches and they are most definitely not gross.


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