February 2, 2010

I want to get LOST tonight...

but I have to go to a once-a-week class. Have fun watching the premiere tonight. Also, thank you Erin for making new blog headers for me. I love them.


  1. oooh i am so excited for this! i keep forgetting about it!
    however, i'm 99% sure i'll have to be at the byu vs tcu basketball game since brad is OBSESSED.

    i LOVE your new blog header, by the way.

  2. i so need a new blog header too. yours is lovely!


  3. I had to miss it too because of driving from one city to another...but I just finished watching it online.........AAHHHHHH!

  4. i honestly do not understand why people love Lost so much. I just do not understand that show...I guess I am not smart enough for it. who knows...

  5. we missed the last one - but are downloading as we speak. it won't matter though, i still won't understand what's going on after it's over.


“You look ridiculous if you dance You look ridiculous if you don't dance So you might as well dance.” ― Gertrude Stein

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