November 18, 2009

the joint

We had delicious pizza and Orangina at The Joint Pizzeria & Deli in Victoria, B.C. They had a great selection of pizza, including vegan options.  I had thai peanut pizza on wheat. I've made it twice at home since coming back. David ate el diablo, topped with corn, peppers,baked chicken and bbq sauce.


  1. I can say with confidence that I will love anything on a menu if they include the words Thai and peanut.

  2. i need to explore other thai food, or do I?....i only like pad thai and peanut noodles.

  3. Delete that comment! So obnoxious! You love Thai Peanut Curry Pizza in Cambridge too. Let's go to Victoria B.C. together sometime. On a vacation. Since we are vacation friends.


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