September 18, 2009

the Guiding Light

After 72 years, the longest running soap opera in the history of television aired its final episode. Today we mourn the loss of "Guiding Light". My Mom called me yesterday to remind me that the final episode was today. I snuck into a corner at work when I picked up the phone. When I got off I told my coworkers that I thought my mom was crying and then I told them the tragedy, "Tomorrow is the laaast____crack in voice day of of......Guiiidi...cry tears cry ing Light ever!" I cried in front of my coworkers and I cried even more in another secret corner! I had realized those were my Mom's tears I had heard through the phone and that Guiding Light was over, forever.

My mom never shares her feelings or cries in front of me. She even called my brother. She told him that she was depressed and he replied, "Oh, because Granny is sick?" and she said, "No, today is the last episode of "Guiding Light"." She then went on for many minutes about how sad she was and how he watched it with her when he was little. I really think this is the only time I've ever heard her share her feelings. She has been watching it since she was a little girl with her Grandmother. It is sad!

I will miss the run-on sentence that is the "Guiding Light". I will miss how Reva lost her memory and left Josh in Springville and went to the island of St. Cristobel where she married King Richard, but then she regained her memory and went back to Springville only to learn that someone had made an evil clone of her, that was killed and eventually got back with Josh and how King Richard came to Springville and fell in love with Reva's sister Cassie, but then Richard died, but, don't worry he came back to the show, even the same actor, but as the town's district attorney, named Jeffrey with what I think was a Boston accent around the time that Reva's sister Cassie married Reva's former love/husband Josh and then all the episodes where they fixed Hurricane Katrina houses and how Reva became pregnant at fifty after recovering from cancer with her husband Jeffrey's baby.

I was hoping that Jeffrey would turn back into King Richard, with his charming English accent and be with Cassie, but it didn't happen. Cassie did not even come back for the final episode and neither did Harley! Don't be sad though, in the end Reva and Josh declared their true love for eachother at the town lighthouse with Reva saying the final word,



  1. i am sad to say i have never even heard of this show. i am happy that you and your mom were able to share a tender moment.

  2. Oh wow! I'm sure my mother in law is deeply saddened by the loss. She would watch it with HER mom when she was little, who would watch it with her daughters. I wonder is she knows....I might have to break the news to her.


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