July 14, 2009

HP giveaway!

In honor of Harry Potter coming out tonight, I am doing a giveaway. It's for this lovely Slug Club adjustable ring from The Overloaded Noggin! Answer this question and go see Harry Potter! Do I have a scar on my forehead? I will pick a winner at random tomorrow! xoxo

*UPDATE: and my favorites are Whitney, Stephanie, Nathan, Narcissa, Anonymous Aaron, and Robin. Please send me your address, almostbelle@gmail.com


  1. Yes? At least I do...
    Can I be Luna if my hair is far from blonde? You would make a great Bellatrix... We weren't planning on dressing up but now that I keep hearing about people's outfits I'm kinda getting the costume bug...
    And those are fantastic memories... we were/are the coolest... ;) And I never had a rainbow prom dress (that was my sister) but I did have an orange one...

  2. OOH!! And you can give yourself a dark mark deatheater tattoo... That would be sweet.

  3. Yeah...

    I have one on my thumb it's shaped like an upside down F haha :)

  4. First time commenter long time reader. Yes. Scar head. And kitty scratch on leg.

  5. i so mad i missed this giveaway! damn it.

    p.s. how was the movie?

  6. i know it's past the giveaway... but yes ms. potter, the scar fits. hope you had a fun night at the premier.


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