May 15, 2009

paper dove

I was trying to make origami and I got really discouraged that I would never be able to make the cranes like the picture below. I tried to make a whale, crab, frog, and mushroom, but my hands just wouldn't make them. I was about to give up, when I saw I hadn't tried the dove or the flower. All of sudden my hands just worked. I can make a dove and a flower! So one day, l will make strings of cranes for some future party, or a string of doves.

and then maybe another day, I will make a giant swan.


  1. I like your doves and flowers. By the way, my mom told me she found your blog the other day and adores it. She said that she likes to look at it at work sometimes to distract her.

  2. you should make some paper sailboats. An enormous paper sailboat, and ride it into the shadow of the statue.


“You look ridiculous if you dance You look ridiculous if you don't dance So you might as well dance.” ― Gertrude Stein

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